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New Moomin museum opens in Finland

New Moomin museum opens in Finland

Moomin characters by the author Tove Jansson now have their own museum in Tampere. 

Moomins fans from all over the world are happy with the news that Tampere invites to visit the original museum. The artwork by author Tove Jansson and the fantastically detailed models of scenes from the books about Moomins made by her life partner and fellow artist, Tuuliki Pietila.

The Moomins museum’s opening day was just wonderful, 3,000 devotees visitors, most of them came to Tampere from Japan. Tove Jansson had been earning money as an illustrator from the age of 15, in 1945, the first book, The Moomins and The Great Flood, was published. Kids and adults just felt in love with that surprisingly dark fantasy about kind-hearted, simple creatures Moomins.

New Moomin museum in Finland

The Moomins phenomenon: the whole world loves Tove Jansson’s characters

Decades later, Moomins have become truly a multi-media phenomenon, in Europe and internationally. In ex-USSR, for example, Moomins were extremely popular, in the 1970s, the state animation studio ‘Soyuzmultfilm’ created several cartoons about Tove Jansson’s fairy tale characters. Earlier, in 1959, the West German production company Augsburger Puppenkiste has released is first TV-version of that fairy tale, Moomins Family (Die Muminfamilie).

Nowadays, Moomins are still popular, and the opening a new museum proves it, every day the visitors from all over the world are glad to meet with the favourite characters and touch the multidecade history of the Moomins.