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New Poll Shows Bernie Sanders Beating Hillary Clinton In New Hampshire

New Poll Shows Bernie Sanders Beating Hillary Clinton In New Hampshire

A recent Fox News poll shows Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders overwhelming opponent Hillary Clinton by wide margins especially with women and young people.

Although this poll only reflects what New Hampshire believes, it’s quite a surprise since last November when analysts stated that Sanders would beat Clinton but only by small numbers. That has totally turned around with statistics that are encouraging for Sanders to say the least.

The Fox News January polls show that Sanders is leading Clinton with a 50-37% margin among the democratic primary voters. In addition, another poll by Quinnipiac University really put Sanders out in front of the pack predicting he’d not only beat Clinton, but beat down Donald Trump as well.

The Fox poll also broke things down in favor of Sanders regarding the young votiers with a 55-31% margin. The poll also shows New Hampshire Democrat voters bring in an 85% in favor of Sanders as the Democratic nominee while only 68% favor Clinton.

These figures show that the math is on Sanders’ side. He’s been pushed to get Elizabeth Warren as his running mate. If he does, the 2016 election will be his no matter what the Republicans do.

Seeing that the young voters are overwhelmingly in favor of Sanders sends a message of astonishment to the Democrats and Republicans. The career Democrats are pushing for Clinton as they owe their careers to the Clinton family. The mainstream media avoids Bernie Sanders like the plague. They’ll broadcast any absurd idiotic comment made by Trump or hot button topic made by Clinton, but even if Sanders has record breaking attendances to his rallies and gets high numbers in the polls, it’s like pulling teeth for the media to do.

With women on Sanders side already, a team up with Elizabeth Warren would all but cinch the 2016 election for Sanders. Don’t think however that just because the mainstream media isn’t spotlighting Sanders’ victories in the polls that they nor the Republicans have been negligent in keeping tabs on Sanders. They’re watching everything he does, even if they don’t report it.

There’s something else at work here, something so groundbreaking as to shake the very foundation of the status quo. News reports show Sanders is beating Clinton in Iowa too. Just weeks before the voting starts. However, Sanders hasn’t had anywhere near the mainstream media coverage of Clinton and Trump and barely matches the low end Republican contenders. So how is Sanders gathering so much momentum and exposure? The internet.

Social media is now the venue where people get their news. Web based news sites also. The public can interact with the news bureaus online where they have no power to broadcast venues. This rise in Sanders mirrors what happened to Bill Clinton and Barack Obama in their presidential victories. The web is now the power player regarding news, facts, debate, and that is definitely a death knell to the mainstream media and the corporate money people who control them.

These figures may or may not be a signpost of what the other states agree to. As more polls are taken the greater picture regarding Sanders’ influence and notoriety might take on a bigger expanse than even the analysts have predicted. It’s because Sanders, above all other candidates has a positive social media presence. Trump has tons of social media presence, but most of it is criticism to his rants and tirades. The social media sites don’t have the blocking and secret agendas and vested interests the mainstream media has and from there we’re getting a clearer picture of Bernie Sanders’ influence.

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