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Newborn giraffe dies at Nashville Zoo

Newborn giraffe dies at Nashville Zoo

A newborn giraffe at the Nashville Zoo died Saturday after the tragic incident, zoo’s president said in a statement. The first-time mother giraffe has accidentally stepped on her baby animal.

The zoo professionals investigated the death of baby giraffe. They confirmed that an initial necropsy showed the calf suffered neck trauma. “We are devastated over the loss of Nasha’s calf,” Rick Schwartz, the zoo’s president, said.

“Our staff has worked tirelessly to make sure this calf was given the best possible care. We moved from fear of a stillborn to joy of revival to anguish,” said Schwartz.

Nashville Zoo added that the additional testing will be done to check for any possible underlying causes of death of a baby giraffe.

During birth, the mother giraffe had required assistance from the zoo’s veterinary team after experiencing complications. The zoo said staffers will comfort mother, who they say is doing well, in the days to come.