Today: Wednesday, 24 April 2024 year

Niger announced the preparation of intervention by two African countries.

Niger announced the preparation of intervention by two African countries.

The rebels who seized power in Niger announced that the two Central African states were preparing a joint military operation against them.

“Despite the disapproval of the people of Niger and the peoples of the ECOWAS countries, the plan for this war has already been drawn up. <…> A preliminary transfer of forces has begun in two countries of Central Africa to participate in it,” the National Council for the Defense of the Fatherland, formed by the rebels, said in a statement.

Earlier, the Economic Community of West African Countries (ECOWAS) threatened to use force if the fighters of the presidential guard who seized power did not reinstate ousted head of state Mohamed Bazum within a week. The ultimatum expired on Sunday. The Al-Arabiya TV channel on the same day, citing the rebels, reported on the preparation of a foreign invasion of the territory of Niger.

Earlier, the military of Niger, during a speech on national television, said that President Mohamed Bazum was removed, the borders were closed. Before that, the military of the presidential guard blocked the presidential palace in the capital of the country, Niamey. Bazum’s office claimed that the army did not support the rebels, but later the command of the Armed Forces declared solidarity with them. Bazum is fine and feels good, said Musa Faki Mahamat, chairman of the African Union commission. The commander of the presidential guard, General Abdurahman Tchiani, appeared on state television in Niger on July 28 as the head of the “National Council for the Defense of the Fatherland” formed by the coup participants.