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Nigeria: gas pipeline explosion in kills at least 17

Nigeria: gas pipeline explosion in kills at least 17

The Nigerian authorities confirmed a death toll from Sunday gas pipeline explosion, at least 17 people were killed, UPI reported. In addition, the powerful explosion caused to destroying more than 70 buildings of the social infrastructure.

The schools, churches and hotels were destroyed on Sunday by the powerful gas pipeline explosion in the Abule-Ado area, near the International Trade Fair Complex in the Nigerian capital city. The local authorities haven’t commented on the reasons for the explosion, saying that a cause is under investigation.

Although the officials have confirmed that the blast happened in the pipeline near the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), the local population urge to the thorough investigation of the tragic incident. In fact, Lagos and other cities across Nigeria have suffered enough from the regular gas pipeline explosions. The main reason for most of them is poor maintenance of the pipeline belonging to the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation.

As Chief Solomon Ogbonna, the head of the Ohaneze Ndigbo Lagos State said, the Nigerian government must immediately do all that is necessary to avert a reoccurrence of the tragic incidents. “I am calling on the Lagos state government to investigate this and not dismiss it as a mere gas explosion. The damage is huge,” Ogbonna added.

The principal of the Bethlehem Girls College has died while trying to rescue students who became trapped after the explosion. For all survived students and their families, Rev. Henritta Alokha will remain a hero for good. Unfortunately, Sunday gas explosion took lives of at least 17 Nigerians.

According to Valentine Buraimoh, the chairman of Amuwo Odofin Local Government Area, three schools were damaged in the explosion on Sunday.

“Churches were also affected,” Buraimoh said. “We have been able to rescue some but more are still trapped in the buildings. … Our men are still on the ground trying to rescue as many as they can.”