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Nigeria reports 2 wild polio cases, first since July 2014

Nigeria reports 2 wild polio cases, first since July 2014

The Government of Nigeria reports 2 polio cases, this disease was sleeping during two years, and now the WHO registered new cases. In the northern Borno state, wild poliovirus affected two children–they have been paralyzed by the disease.

In Nigeria wakes up the wild poliovirus, reports the government on Monday. The collaboration with WHO and other partners of the fame of ‘Global Polio Eradication Initiative’ allowed responding immediately. That could prevent more children from being paralyzed by polio, say the doctors.

According to the health ministry officials, the hospitals are conducting now large-scale immunization campaigns and strengthening surveillance systems. Such an approach helps to catch the polio virus early and prevent the outbreak of disease. Dr. Matshidiso Moeti, WHO Regional Director for Africa said:

“The overriding priority now is to rapidly immunize all children around the affected area and ensure that no other children succumb to this terrible disease”.

Nigeria and neighboring countries are acting in the same way, being strengthened the prevention of polio. It’s still unclear, why the virus back to Nigeria, the country was on the cusp of eradicating polio completely, say the WHO experts.