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No COVID-19 lockdown in Sudan

No COVID-19 lockdown in Sudan

Sudan will try to avoid the lockdown’s second round, said the Sudanese government on Tuesday. Despite the second wave of COVID-19 is more severe, the prime minister prefers to act slowly and prudently.

Sudan’s PM Abdallah Hamdok said in the recent TV interview he hopes that his Cabinet will not be forced to impose a second lockdown. The economy almost ruined after the first lockdown, which has deteriorated the living conditions of the people across Sudan. The shutdown has reduced state revenues by 42 per cent.

According to the latest figures from the Sudanese Ministry of Health, 223 new coronavirus patients were officially recorded in the country between Tuesday and Friday.

The final decision about a second lockdown is linked to the development of the pandemic, said the head of government. Additionally, there is a huge problem with the public health sector. The PM admitted as well that Sudan is hit harder by the pandemic because of its “extremely weak health care sector”.

On Monday, the High Committee for Health Emergencies issued several recommendations to combat the spread of the COVID-19 in Sudan.

In its efforts to curb the corona epidemic, the Sudanese Congress Party called for “a smart closure” of the country by preventing gatherings and imposing a curfew from 18:00. A measure like “a complete lockdown is not appropriate in light of the pressing economic situation and dire living conditions”, the MPs agreed.