Today: Tuesday, 28 May 2024 year

No-Go To The Happiest Place On Earth For British Muslim Family

Controversy has arisen over an incident where a British Muslim family of 11 persons was not allowed to board a flight to the US for a holiday at Disneyland.

The family had been waiting in line when all of a sudden they were pulled off and forbidden to board the plane and engage in their holiday plans. No explanation by US officials has come to the fore as to why this particular family was removed or whether they were the only Muslim family about to board the flight.

British officials rose to the challenge and pursued the US as to giving an explanation for the flight refusal but none has come forth yet. The family itself is in a quandry and are awaiting word as to why their flight was denied. Fears and concerns have taken the fore regarding the trending opinions of Republican presidential hopeful, Donald Trump who stated he would support a ban on Muslim’s travel to the US due to fears of terrorism. The British and the British Muslim community are concerned that the sentiment against Muslims has finally come to pass, yet the investigation is still ongoing.

So far, the reasons a family like this would be denied transport could be the result of numerous variables ranging from criminal convictions to mere administrative errors. So far not one solid explanation has been given.
The US is under immense pressure to secure itself from further terrorist attacks. Just one such incident would mean a bad mark on whoever is running the country, Democrat or Republican. If just one terrorist attack happens again, we’ll definitely see a crack down on Muslims like never before in the US.

The US officials say that no one regardint their faith is discriminated against on that basis alone. It takes many incidents to get the officials to stop anyone regardless of race, color, religion, etc.. With news that in January, the Dept. of Homeland Security will engage in massive roundups of people who are in the country illegally, this denial of travel seems fitting but not conscionable.

The Democrats can’t afford another terrorist attack. Just one would propel the American public into being harsh regarding travel and immigration especially against Muslims.

America’s values are up on the table and the debate is whether for the country to not play into terrorist hands or put down extra protection which may mean discriminating against Muslim people.

The bottom line is safety. Also that the Democrats hold the lead. If the Republicans win the 2016 White House, discrimination against Muslims will be unprecedented. The Muslim community leadership is now going to have to address the issue realistically and use all resources at their behest to control all things within their influence or disaster will ensue.

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