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Nominating Clinton would be a ‘disaster’, says The Bern

Nominating Clinton would be a ‘disaster’, says The Bern

Compared to the Republican side, where nominating Donald Trump for the general elections is just a matter of time, the difference between the Democratic candidates, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, is not that big. Of course, the former Secretary of State will most likely win the race, but Mr. Sanders is still a tough opponent!

The Bern is not done yet!

After winning the West Virginia primary, the Vermont Senator is exploiting the momentum he gained making declarations about Hillary Clinton’s potential nomination, calling it a real ‘disaster’.

According to The Washington Times, Jeff Weaver, Sanders’ campaign manager, says that multiple polls are revealing that The Bern would be a way better option in a clash with Donald Trump, while Hillary Clinton would tie with Donald Trump in important states like Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Considering these numbers, the same Jeff Weaver suggests that the Democratic Party and the superdelegates should definitely support Bernie Sanders if they want to avoid a loss in November.

“For months, Bernie Sanders has out-polled Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump, and often by extraordinarily large margins. Because we must do everything we can to defeat Trump in November, our mission is to win as many pledged delegates as we can between now and June 14,” Mr. Weaver said.

A candidate with no background can be the solution

Like expected, a lot of people claimed that Bernie Sanders’ biggest advantage is that over the past years, he hasn’t been under the same spotlight as Hillary Clinton, but again, his campaign manager dismissed everything.

“Some people say we do better against Trump because we haven’t faced the Republican attack machine yet. But we’ve been told our goals for the future are utopian, and that our plans would raise taxes on middle class families. We just never thought those attacks would come in a Democratic primary. Yet somehow we keep winning,” Jeff Weaver said.

As for Hillary Clinton, she doesn’t seem that concerned about Bernie Sanders’ declaration and is focusing on the November clash, with Donald Trump. However, her campaign is aware of the fact that winning the three key states mentioned about will be a difficult job.

Should Hillary be concerned?

Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook is worried about Hillary falling behind Donald Trump in these states, so he desperately tries to raise more money for promoting his candidate.

“I can’t say this enough times: These polls don’t predict the future. We can change them by making sure voters know about Hillary’s vision for our country. But we need to get started RIGHT NOW,” Mook said, quoted by The Washington Times.

Currently, Hillary Clinton has 1,716 pledged delegates, while Bernie Sanders has 1,433. Still, the big difference is made by the superdelegates, as the Democratic front-runner is ahead 524 to 40. A total of 2,383 delegates are required for a candidate to win the nomiantion.