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Nord Stream turbine return impossible, Gazprom says

Nord Stream turbine return impossible, Gazprom says

Gazprom, on the official Telegram channel, said that the sanctions of Canada, the European Union, and Great Britain make it impossible to supply a turbine for Nord Stream, which was repaired in Canada and is now in Germany.

In addition, the shipment of the unit to Russia cannot be carried out due to the inconsistency of the current situation with the obligations of Siemens.

“The German company Siemens does not repair turbine units for supplying gas to the pipeline,” said Vitaly Markelov, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Gazprom.


“Now the line is operated by only one Siemens engine with a capacity of 52 MW. In normal mode, there are five such units, and one is on standby in standby mode. In both cases, there is a hot reserve – two turbines with a capacity of 27 MW.