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North Korea’s In Hot Water Over H Bomb Boasts

North Korea’s In Hot Water Over H Bomb Boasts

North Korea’s In Hot Watr Over H Bomb Boasts

Once again North Korea has angered the rest of the world, but this time they’ve taken things way above atomic in scale. This time, the country is boasting that tit tested a hydrogen bomb underground, but experts state they don’t believe it. The US State Dept. did confirm a nuclear explosion of some sort took place but instruments show it wasn’t a hydrogen device.

The problem is that the explosion took place underground causing seismic devices to register the blast. Knowing something had happened, the US and the UN are considering even further sanctions against North Korea. Why North Korea decided to further enrage the world is a testament to their arrogance and haphazard mindset. The detection devices of the US, Russia, China alone will determine if a hydrogen bomb had actually been detonated or just a lot of explosives or even an atomic bomb which Korea does indeed have.

The UN Security Council has had North Korea under heavy sanctions since 2006 when it detonated its first atomic bomb. Since then the country has also been under intense scrutiny regarding any and all weapons development and testing. China hasn’t really come down hard on North Korea as they could due to their mutual communist ties, but with the threat of North Korea possibly one day actually detonating an H bomb, China would be at the front door of harm’s way.

What the world leaders will do now is anyone’s guess. Sanctions don’t really hurt North Korea. They could starve millions of people there and still keep rolling. The sanctions are only hurting the common folk who dare not fight back as it is. North Korea’s bloated and absurd military welcomed the supposed H bomb blast but they’ll believe anything their government says because dissent is punishable by torture, imprisonment, and death as well as punitive actions toward their families.

Kim Jung Ill knows he has the population under his heel and that the superpowers don’t want to go to war in North Korea. Surely China and the US and Russia combined could vanquish North Korea in a short time unless the North Koreans fight another guerrilla war with China supplying troops and material like they did during the Korean War which ended in 1951.

With all the backlash, even from China, it won’t mean a thing if someone doesn’t barge into North Korea and stop this nonsense in its tracks. North Korea has proven itself to be a hazard to the world on dozens of occasions but the powers that be have been pussyfooting around for decades, in contrast to their fervor to leap into full battle in the Middle East in countries that are nowhere near the problem North Korea is.

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