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North Korea’s Kim insists more summits with President Moon next year

North Korea’s Kim insists more summits with President Moon next year

The upcoming year should bring more opportunities to both Koreas to restore the normal neighbouring relations. As Reuters understood, Kim Jong Un wants more summits with South Korea’s leader in 2019.

Blue Palace said that Kim Jong Un was sorry his plan to visit Seoul this year did not take place as agreed at their third summit in Pyongyang in September, expressing his “strong resolve” to make it happen in the future while monitoring the restoring the normal diplomatical relations between two Koreas.

On Sunday, North Korean leader sent a letter to South Korean President to commemorate the unbelievable detente they engineered in 2018, including three summits, after a half-century of confrontation marked by a series of the North’s nuclear and missile tests. Despite the concerns of the international community over the NK’s nuclear weapons program, Kim and Moon Jae-in have moved steadily towards cooperation over hostility lately. On Wednesday, both countries have even opened the railway, that even was representing a literal and figurative link between the Korean nations, which was divided by ideology over half a century.

“Actual construction will be pursued in accordance with progress in the North’s denuclearization and the state of sanctions against the North,” South Korea’s Unification Ministry said in a statement,  Associated Press reported this week.