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Norway adopts world’s first deforestation ban

Norway adopts world’s first deforestation ban

Norway announced  a total ban on deforestation, this new rule makes the country a first nation to commit to a zero deforestation policy. What the ban meant to be for ecology?

Norway’s deforestation ban means that many products contributing to deforestation will not be used nationwide. Moreover, this ban supports Norway’s strategy on promotion national promises, which are encouraging deforestation-free supply chains. The pledge on deforestation was initialized two years after the country had come up with a joint declaration with Germany and Britain at the UN Climate Summit.

According to EcoWatch reports, such an initiative will be the strongest support from the government for ecologists, they’ve ever gotten. “it’s a monumental decision.” said Nils Hermann Ranum of Rainforest Foundation Norway (RFN). From now, a huge number of goods connected with the rainforest destruction will be decreased dramatically.

Deforestation ban of this Scandinavian country guarantees that it will no longer use and procure products that encourage loss of forestry. The RFN’s been working towards this policy for years, and now their efforts were crowned by success.