Today: Monday, 11 December 2023 year

Norway – Its Stern Warning to Afghan Migrants from Russia: “A One Way Ticket Straight From Norway to Kabul”

Afghan refugees, who after passing thru Russia are seeking asylum in Norway via the Arctic route, received stern warning from the Norwegian government to be sent back to Kabul.
The Norwegian government is sending a clear cut message that the country does not welcome the actions of hundreds of Afghan migrants crossing into Norway each week.

As  more and more Afghan compared to Syrian refugees are coming in, Norway’s Minister of Justice and Public Security, Anders Anundsen directed the country’s strong refusal to grant asylum  to those migrants who do not need protection or are already legally residing in Russia.

Norway experienced an exodus of Syrian refugees  crossing the Storskog border crossing through Russia in February this year, according to police Superintendent Stein Hansen .  The rumor of a safe passage have spread so widely to migrant families and friends.  This  Arctic path  is found to be a safer route  than sailing the treacherous waters of the Mediterranean Sea.  

This very small yet favorable opening encouraged other asylum seekers to take the Storskog border route as well. Thus, last August, there were 420 people  have crossed the border and the figure had risen to 500 people coming weekly.

Very recently, last week there were 899 Afghans and 692 Syrians who applied for asylum as reported by the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration. In the far north Norwegian town of Kirkenes bordering Russia above the Arctic Circle, people have taken the safe route to Norwegian asylum on their bikes.

The two countries, Russia and Norway in different ways have  prevented the influx of migrants as each country penalizes asylum seekers at their borders. While Russia vows not allowing pedestrian crossing, the worst penalty that Norway gives to any Afghan migrant is sending them back to Russia and Kabul, ultimately.

Issues in migrants seeking asylum have been rising for the past few monthhs, and just like other states, Norway has to adopt policy change.