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NZ PM Jacinda Ardern pregnant with first child

NZ PM Jacinda Ardern pregnant with first child

Jacinda Ardern, a new New Zealand prime minister, announced in a Facebook she is pregnant. For her and partner Clarke Gayford, it is the first child.

Prime minister Jacinda Ardern wrote on Facebook she is pregnant, and the most interesting detail in it, the 35-year-old woman found out she was pregnant just a week before securing the New Zeland’s top job.

“We had been told that it was unlikely that we would be able to have a family without help,”

Ms Ardern told Sky News. His partner, a TV presenter, said keeping such an “enormous secret” had been hard.

“It happened so naturally and so unexpectedly, I think we’ll look back on this and think it couldn’t have happened any other way,”

Clarke said.

According to Ardern’s Facebook post,  she and her partner, Clarke Gayford, are expecting in June. She also has revealed the couple believed they would not be able to conceive naturally, and the pregnancy had caught them off guard. What does the unexpected pregnancy mean to the government?

Winston Peters, the deputy prime minister, will take over to allow Ardern to take six weeks of maternity leave after the baby is born. So far, soon-to-be-mother Jacinda Ardern released a statement, in which she said she intended to be “fully contactable” during her period of maternity leave.

“It was a week before (Deputy Prime Minister) Winston Peters made his decision about how to form a coalition government….so it’s been a long time to carry that secret.”

Ms Ardern said she had previously spoken about the possibility of being a mother and PM during the election campaign, but like many expectant parents in the early stages of pregnancy, had waited to share the news “with good reason”.

“The only thing I was withholding was the fact that it had actually happened,”

the pregnant premier added.