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Obama, Biden spoke to Pete Buttigieg after he quit 2020 race

Obama, Biden spoke to Pete Buttigieg after he quit 2020 race

Pete Buttigieg who preferred to quit his first-ever presidential campaign had a phone conversation with two powerful Democrats, Barack Obama and Joe Biden, Bloomberg Canada reported.

Pete Buttigieg’s departure from the race could benefit Joe Biden’s candidacy as he looks to lock down support from the moderate wing of the Democratic Party and blunt Mr Sanders’ momentum.

Vice President Biden praised the 38-year-old newcomer on ABC’s “Good Morning America” and said he could see him serving in his administration. He also said that Buttigieg’s exit would smooth his own path to the nomination.

“He was a real competitor. He is a real competitor. And I think it probably does,” Biden said.

According to the insider, ex-president Obama has said he would not endorse a candidate in the Democratic presidential primary. He called Biden, who served as his vice president, to congratulate him after Biden decisively won the South Carolina primary on Saturday.

Mr Buttigieg was the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, quit 2020 presidential race Sunday after failing to secure the diverse coalition needed to win the Dem nomination.

However, the United States applause him. Buttigieg had risen from a young mayor of Indiana’s fourth-largest city to the first openly gay presidential candidate to earn delegates toward the nomination.

Joining the 2020 presidential campaign, Buttigieg won the Iowa caucus and showed amazing results in New Hampshire, outlasting several experienced senators and governors in the crowded Democratic field but got little support from non-white voters.