Today: Friday, 12 April 2024 year

Obama Compares Syrian Refugees With Mayflower Pilgrims On Thanksgiving

In his Thanksgiving message on Thursday the United States President Barack Obama said Americans must show generosity to the Syrian refugees as men and women did some 400 years ago to help Mayflower pilgrims who traveled from Plymouth to the New World in 1620.

At least thirty state governors recently hinted to be blocking refugees from settling in their states. Reciprocating to it the Obama administration cited a letter from the HHS Office of Resettlement sent to state officials and said it is not legal to block the resettlement of refugees.

The letter clearly mentions the states need to abide by the Refugee Act of 1980 and to offer assistance as well services to refugees irrespective of their nationality, sex, religion, race and political opinion.

Obama said about four centuries after the Mayflower immigration history the world is full of such pilgrims who are seeking just a chance of safer as well as better future.