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Obama Draws Down On Guns

Obama Draws Down On Guns

As promised several times, President Barack Obama is announcing his new executive actions regarding areas of gun control.

Obama is doing this in light of a series of recent mass shootings. Even though gun violence is significantly down this decade comapred to previous decades, the mass shootings have so alarmed the public that they too are crying for eithe stricter gung laws or as extreme as banning guns. Since banning guns is unconstitutional, Obama is limited in what he can do. His executive actions, however, can put a damper on the open holes in the sale and trading of firearms in the country.

For example, making sure that all sellers of guns be licensed, especially those that do trade at guns shows and online. By licensing these traders and forcing them to do background checks before a sale, it is theorized that guns won’t get into the hands of criminals or the insane. Sellers may find this too restrictive as arms sales are usually done for profit only with no regards as to what the buyer will use the weapon or weapons for. Obama’s orders are broad and are more targeted toward the loose end of the gun sale and trade industry. Making both buyer and seller more responsible and easier to track.

In addition, he’ll beo forking over $500 million for the mental health industry in relation to prevention of the mentally ill from accessing firearms. No deetails yet as to which mental health facilities will get the money but it’s a good bet there will be fighting for it.

The orders will have more staff available at law enforcement agencies such as the FBI and ATF. The new personnel will be charged with more examinations and checking up on all data regarding sales, trade, theft, and missing firearms.

Republicans and gun rights advocates are already ramping up to challenge the new objectives, including Speaker of the House Paul Ryan who feels Obama is overreaching his authority and pledged that Congress will do what it can to thwart Obama.

Justice Dept. head Loretta Lynch will be on hand for further discussion of Obama’s plans. She spent time with reporters on Monday during a conference call to cover some of the gun control issues at hand. It will be in the East Room on Tuesday where President Obama will discuss in detail his plans and from there on, the battle will rage.

The American public doesn’t know what to do about its gun violence problems. They won’t accept tighter gun control measures that would compromise their rights, but they’re calling on government to do something about the violence at hand. It’s a simple issue, really, of compromise. Gun sales and trade cannot go on the way they are with in some cases anyone being able to acquire any type of firearm with no ID nor background check.

Perhaps, with Obama’s latest stance, some reasoning regarding gun rights and violence will be resolved.

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