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Obama White House comedy heading to the big screen

Obama White House comedy heading to the big screen

Obama White House comedy based on upcoming novel From the Corner of the Oval soon will be shown on a big screen. The real-life WH stenographer Beck Dorey-Stein decided to shed a light on the POTUS administration in comedian style.

If you have read the books of Christopher Buckley, you’ll definitely like the new comedy about the Presidents Administration. The White House employees are smart and joyful people, the have a great sense of humour. Obama White House comedy based on an upcoming novel titled ‘From the Corner of the Oval’, the Universal Pictures has optioned a high-concept workplace comedy film set inside Obama times.

For those fearing they may have seen the last of the Obama administration, don’t sweat it, because an Obama White House comedy is in the works, reminds The Hollywood Reporter.

An author Beck Dorey-Stein was a stenographer in the White House, so all the details and characters have a real base. The book is expected to be published in 2018 and follows a young woman living in Washington D.C. who goes from serving cocktails to working as a stenographer in Obama’s administration.

Of course, the film will show the lighter side of the Obama administration, the funny moments and relationships between WH staff and their workplace. Barack Obama has a sense of humour as well as his spouse Michelle, she sang in carpool karaoke, while Barack was featured on Saturday Night Live with the musical farewell.

The new comedy will be headed to the big screen in 2019, not earlier, said the Universal Pictures bosses. Who knows, maybe, Barack and Michelle will get the cameos in the film.