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Obama’s Last Year, What’s Going To Happen?

Obama’s Last Year, What’s Going To Happen?

Well, the curtain is about to close on President Barack Obama’s presidency, and the question remains, what will he be able to achieve when it’s over?

Obama has had to face some of the most insurmountable odds of any president ever. With the legislative branches of government dominated by the Republicans, it’s a miracle that any of Obama’s agendas got the chance to see the light of day. He has had to fight tooth and nail just to get anything done. Now, with the last year of his presidency at hand, will he be able to accomplish more?

The Republicans are dead set on taking the presidency. They’re almost like mad dogs frothing at the mouth utilizing any tactic they can to win. Their old tricks of smear and false information aren’t going to work anymore because the minute they disseminate such information, people all over the world post counter facts and data all over the internet and social media. The Republicans are getting beaten unmercifully by people posting statistics and facts via the web. The conservative movement has seen their basic arguments blasted out of the water by bona fide facts that fly in the face of the standard Republican rhetoric.

That being said, Obama’s got more of a support network in some areas than he ever has. Since the growing number of people on Earth know that when the Republicans say anything, it’s usually a lie or downright ignorance. Obama has to circumvent things by not only addressing the public more, but by bringing to every table the facts even if they don’t support his claims, ideals, ideologies. He has to put his foot down on corruption or all he’s done so far is for naught. That’s going to be tough because no one in politics save for Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, is actually talking about corruption. Everyone else, both Republican and Democrat are steering clear of the issue of government and industry corruption. The people recognize this and it leads to more disenfranchisement.

Obama’s going to have to use every legal trick in the book to clean up what he’s promised or clean up what he’s messed up. He’s got lots of responsibility to handle and there’s no doubt that he’ll be dogged by the Republicans every step of the way.

He’s going to have to face the real tough issues like the rash of police shootings of citizens, especially that of black people. He’s going to have to address veteran’s issues and the ecology. He’ll have to do all this as well as help the campaign of whoever wins the Democratic presidential nomination. His toughest task will be reining in the Islamic militant terrorists like ISIS. So far in the past few months, ISIS has been taking a massive pasting. They’ve lost so many of their leaders and now, an entire city and large amounts of territory, ISIS’ defeat would be a major feather in the cap of Obama and the US and its allies.

Overall, President Barack Obama has a good chance of departing the Oval Office with more wins than losses.

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