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Oman orders evening lockdowns during Ramadan

Oman orders evening lockdowns during Ramadan

Oman’s government announced the strict evening lockdowns during Ramadan to avoid the spread of the novel pathogen across the sultanate. In fact, Oman is under evening lockdown until April 8.

Oman has registered record daily deaths for the year to date, and the Supreme Committee to combat covid19 (SCCC19) had to approve the stricter rules. The authorities have ordered a ban on all movement of individuals and vehicles between 9 pm and 4 am during the holy month. As Oman News Agency has learned, commercial activities also prohibited.

As an additional measure, the ban also included a prohibition of nighttime Taraweeh prayers in mosques and free Iftar meals offered for the public. This year, Ramadan is expected to start from April 12 or April 13 depending on the Moon sighting.

“Social, sports and cultural activities will also be suspended during Ramadan. Entering the sultanate will be restricted to Omani citizens and residence holders as of 12 noon on Thursday,” the SCCC19 said.

The committee has extended the closure of shops from April 9 but will allow movement of people after 8 pm until the first day of Ramadan when the new lockdown is applied.