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Oman’s Sultan pardons 332 prisoners to celebrate the National Day

Oman’s Sultan pardons 332 prisoners to celebrate the National Day

Sultan’s mass pardon coincides with the country’s celebration of its National Day. As the official Oman News Agency (ONA) reports, there were 142 foreigners among 332 prisoners pardoned by the head of state Qaboos bin Said.

Oman marks its National Day (The Blessed Renaissance Day) on Monday not only with the military parade at the Said Bin Sultan Naval Base but with the human move like pardon of the prisoners.

Monday is another important day for Sultanat Oman, the nation celebrates the birthday of Sultan Qaboos, who ascended the throne in 1970. Forty-nine years ago, Oman has opened the new era, the Blessed Renaissance sun emerged.

In 1970, His Majesty the Sultan announced the birth of a new dawn for Oman and its people to retain Oman’s civilised glory and positive role at regional and international arena. He called for peace and standing as a firm pillar in this vital region of the world where the interests of many regional and international powers meet.

Over the decades, the Omani values and principles were cemented by Sultan. They based on equality, citizenship, justice and the rule of law in the state of establishments and depending on the Omani citizen as he is the precious wealth of the homeland. Nowadays, the Omani woman to take the homeland towards broader avenues.

Oman as one of the most powerful countries of the Middle East

Modern Oman demonstrates the high level of the development, Sultanate’s economic, education, public health and social services meet the highest international standards. The Omani community in a bid to prepare national specialised and well-equipped cadres as per the possible levels in all fields to carry out the greater role in developing, guiding and steering programs and plans of the national development.

The civil, military, technical and development achievements made across this kind land are strong evidence of the success.

Intensive efforts are being exerted in the Sultanate in all fields, both in terms of assessing the future vision “Oman 2020” which will end next year and benefiting from its lessons and results and in preparation for the future vision “Oman 2040” which will begin in 2021, coinciding with the 10th five-year development plan (2021-2025).

A solid Omani economy attracts more investors to the Sultanate in a way that copes with the requirements of the future vision (Oman 2040). The good investment climate of the Sultanate, particularly in the Special Economic Zone in Duqm (SEZD) and the various free zones in the Sultanate, as well as the investment incentives attracts many investors.