Today: Sunday, 21 April 2024 year

One of the smartest Republican candidates, retired from the Presidential race

Lindsey Graham was one of the 17 Republicans candidates fighting for the GOP nomination spot. But with only 1% in polls, Graham felt that this “wasn’t his time” and retired from the race, although he was one of the most proficient candidates when it came down to foreign policy.

The fact that the South Carolina senator chose to drop from the Presidential race could mean that we’re seeing an era where the show is all that counts, not facts, claims Missoulian. If we look at the numbers and see that Donald Trump leads the way when it comes to the GOP field, then we must recognize that people tend to look at glamorous politicians, that make quite a spectacle.

The timing wasn’t right

Lindsey Graham saw this and on Monday in a YouTube video he suspended his presidential campaign and concluded, “This is not my time.”, says Watertown Daily Times.

One thing, other than popularity, ended quite fast his candidacy. Lindsey Graham is opened to bipartisan solutions to complicated issues, such as immigration. And that made him in the eyes of the party insufficiently loyal to the hard right, according to Missoulian.

Graham, one of the most experienced candidates in terms of foreign policy

The same source tells us that Graham was probably the Republican candidate among 17 with the most knowledge and experience in foreign affairs, but with no attraction to the public. This and the fact that he wasn’t as determined as Donald Trump is to kick all immigrants out of the U.S meant just one thing: Lindsey Graham will just have to wait another four years to show that his ideas can make a difference for the country. We can also understand the party’s position too.

After losing two straight presidential elections to Barack Obama, it seemed clear that Republicans needed to embrace comprehensive immigration reform and be less obsessed with social issues. Graham couldn’t do this and odds were in Trump’s favor. Only 1% got the South Carolina senator in polls and he couldn’t even get it to the main stage to fight for what he believes is right for the U.S.

Even more chances for Donald Trump in the race

Now, doesn’t his smarts, his quick wit, and his willingness to identify and speak out on critical issues such as the danger of isolationism and the need for entitlement reform make him a good candidate for the White House? Well, it looks like the answer is no, and Trump is the Republicans choice for now.

“If he is the voice and face of the Republican Party, I think our allies are shaking their heads and our enemies are licking their chops,” Lindsey Graham said about the businessman. Graham also said that he will support the Republican nominee, whoever it is, according to Watertown Daily Times. Of course, everybody’s wondering what will his decision be if that candidate turns out to be Donald Trump. Or 1% support won’t matter too much for the mogul?