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Open-source module for disinfecting parcels from any virus

Open-source module for disinfecting parcels from any virus

Omnic, a maker of self-service parcel units, has now presented a module which kills any viruses, including the COVID-19. The innovative but simple module incorporates UV disinfection and hand disinfection, so it could be easily be fitted to existing self-service parcel lockers, Springwise reports.

The issue of avoiding the spreading of pathogen flora is the top priority while the globe is facing coronavirus. During the pandemic, there has been a dramatic increase in online shopping, as people seek to minimise contact with others. But online shopping requires a quite material delivery, so, parcels should be clean from bacteria and viruses thanks to the innovative approach.

Omnic has created an all-new issue, however, as the COVID-19 can remain active on parcels and the surfaces of parcel pick-up stations for up to three days, according to some medical experts.

OmniHub: Disinfected parcels as a step to eliminate the virus spreading

The driving force behind the OmniHub is to make online shopping safer. In addition, Omnic is providing the technical specifications for the OmniHub for free to any firm that wants to incorporate the technology.

The OmniHub parcel delivery station incorporates UV disinfection and hand disinfection, which together are thought to kill around 99 per cent of the virus on surfaces.

The module can be fitted to existing self-service parcel lockers and includes a module that delivers UV-C light to the packages inside the locker and a hand sanitiser on the outside of the station.

The station also incorporates motion detectors and software that ensures the UV light is safely switched off as people approach the station, and will only unlock the parcel locker after the user disinfects their hands.

The recent pandemic has changed the way that almost every firm used to work. In order for things to regain some semblance of normality, new ways of conducting business are emerging.

It is obvious that disinfection will become a way of life, and a host of innovations that make this easier or more intuitive will be needed. As the OmniHub can be integrated into almost any type of self-service module, not only parcel lockers, it may go a long way in enabling their continued use.