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Oprah 2020: she would make a brilliant president

Oprah 2020: she would make a brilliant president

“In Oprah we trust” became the aegis of the week in the United States, after her speech on Golden Globe, that woman became even more popular. Donald Trump didn’t comment it yet, maybe, Ms Winfrey is a really strong and powerful political rival.

Oprah Winfrey is one of the influential women of the planet, and in an era of tumbling trust in major institutions, with politicians especially on the nose, “Oprah for president” is pretty logical.

Since the moment of Oprah’s speech, the national motto of the US was unofficially rewritten to catch the spirit of politics. “In Oprah we trust” replaced common “In God we trust”. Frankly speaking, Hollywood used to swap one celebrity billionaire television star in the White House for another, but in the case of Oprah, it seems to be inevitable. She is the girl who grew up in poverty in Mississippi is a self-made billionaire, and she knows how to take any auditorium.

Oprah’s speech at Golden Globe Awards

Many Americans were astounded with Oprah’s speech at Sunday night’s Golden Globe Awards, she won the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement and gave an unforgettable speech. Oprah used to be at the centre of attention but this time public was listening to her differently. Hollywood decided she is a ready nominee for the 2020 presidential run!

Oprah always said in her books that her mortal role on earth is a “higher calling”, encouraging people to “live their best life”, to find “your truth”. To be a President? Why not? Steven Spielberg said he is fully supporting Oprah in her desire to become the American president:

‘I think Oprah Winfrey would make an absolutely brilliant president. If she declares, I will back her,”

the Oscar-winner director said.