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‘Orange Is The New Black’ and shocking Maureen’s file

‘Orange Is The New Black’ and shocking Maureen’s file

‘Orange is the New Black’ and its fourth season rose up much more question than ever before. The inmates, their life stories, and backstories are realistic and intriguing, especially new character’s — Maureen. Netflix did its best in the Season 4.

After Season 4 we still don’t know how she came to be at Litchfield, but we do know that what’s in Maureen’s file shocked Mr. Caputo. Netflix prefers to keep it in secret yet.

The TV series ‘Orange is the New Black’ showed its fourth season, and we are very interested in its new character Maureen. Her file has shocked even Mr. Caputo, and this man knows about prison and system everything. When he opened up her file, he raised his eyebrows in shock. Maureen herself seems to be a bit ‘unstable’, that is her main characteristic.

In fact, there’re many scenes in ‘Orange is the New Black’, in which watchers can easily read the manipulator’s features of Maureen. That means that Netflix is going to reveal the inmate’s secrets in the future episodes, suppose.