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Orban called the EU an unsuccessful parody of the USSR.

Orban called the EU an unsuccessful parody of the USSR.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said that the modern European Union, with its pressure on Budapest, is a bad parody of the USSR.

“Yes, it happens that history repeats itself. Fortunately, what was a tragedy the first time, the second time was at best a comedy… Moscow was a tragedy, Brussels was just a poorly executed modern parody. We had to dance as the game played on the pipe Moscow. If Brussels plays the pipe, we dance as we want, and if we don’t want, then we don’t dance,” Orban said, speaking in Veszprém on the anniversary of the start of the events of 1956.

According to him, Brussels is putting pressure on Hungary, only “a party reprimand is now called a rule of law procedure.

Orbán noted that for the West, freedom means “a kind of escape,” the ability to change gender, nationality and identity, while for Hungarians it is tantamount to “ripping out the heart.”

Earlier, Orban said that Brussels is “not Hungary’s boss” and that the country will continue to defend its own point of view when discussing pan-European decisions. According to him, Hungary is not one of those countries that responds “yavol” to all Brussels’ demands, so Budapest will not supply weapons or allocate money to Ukraine, allow migrants into the country and introduce propaganda of sexual minorities in Hungarian schools.