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As politicians debate healthcare, small businesses fix it

As politicians debate healthcare, small businesses fix it

US healthcare system is working, and major health insurers have already begun to propose significant premium increases for next year. That’s an attempt to cover their higher than expected costs from health plans on the Affordable Care Act’s exchanges. Moreover, the telemedicine is on the rise: entrepreneurship and technology allow patients to see a doctor over Skype or FaceTime. That means NO waiting rooms at all, and it’s a great plus in healthcare.

The US cares about a health of its citizens, there’s powerful and billion-dollar system, which works. Year by year it cost US budget more and more money, and as politicians debate healthcare, small businesses fix it. Insurers intend to compensate their losses by double-digit percentages, politicians try to stop this, and it is a neverending story.

The debate over repeal/reform the ACA is going on, featuring politicians more interested in partisanship than improving healthcare. Health entrepreneurs around the country are quietly experimenting with ways to offer good care for a cheap price. Many tests, MRIs, X-rays, and doctor’s visits can be cheaper, especially when the telemedicine is on the rise.

Consider Dr. Keith Smith, who runs the Surgery Center of Oklahoma. He took the radical step (in the healthcare industry, anyway) of posting his prices online. Another good idea is so-called “Uber for doctors” — such a business model is exactly what the outdated and over bureaucratized healthcare industry needs.

As the ACA continues to struggle, the public is focusing on politicians’ endless partisan debates over healthcare. Meanwhile, small businesses are out fixing it.