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Over a dozen UN peacekeepers killed in worst attack on ‘blue helmets’ in DR Congo

Over a dozen UN peacekeepers killed in worst attack on ‘blue helmets’ in DR Congo

The Director of the UN Operations and Crisis Centre (UNOCC) confirmed that 15 UN peacekeepers killed and injured 53 on Thursday.  Three ‘blue helmets’ critically injured after the ADF members’ attack on the United Nations base in DR Congo. 

The brave UN peacekeepers were putting their lives on the line every day across the world to serve peace and to protect local civilians, while on Thursday, the local UN mission at Semuliki was attacked by suspected Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) elements. This terroristic cell has its presence in DR Congo as well, according to mass media.

On Thursday, the act of atrocity resulted in a protracted fighting between the suspected armed group elements and Stabilization Mission in the DRC (MONUSCO) Company Operating Base and Armed Forces of the DRC.

“These deliberate attacks against UN peacekeepers are unacceptable and constitute a war crime,”

condemned the attack a UN Secretary-General António Guterres.

The UNSG also urged the DRC government to investigate the incident and swiftly bring the perpetrators to justice. In his statement, Mr Gutterres stressed,

“There must be no impunity for such assaults, here or anywhere else.”

An attack which killed 15 United Nations peacekeepers in the DR of Congo late Thursday is one of the worst in the history of the organisation, that tragic incident wasn’t the first deadly attack on the ‘blue berets’. Attackers in DR Congo were from the Ugandan Muslim armed group with a presence in the country.