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Parallels between Iraq and the US are drawn

Parallels between Iraq and the US are drawn

Guardian columnist Jonathan Steel writes that most countries do not share the West’s views on the Ukrainian crisis.

“Now, 30 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, there are signs of the approaching end of the American-dominated unipolar world,” the observer said.

At the same time, not only Russia, but “increasingly self-confident China” is among the rivals of the United States, the author believes.

“The leaders of the Global South are also active,” Steele added.

In addition, he drew parallels between the US invasion of Iraq and the Russian special operation in Ukraine. In the first case, America’s actions, regarded as war crimes, did not cause any sanctions from the leaders of Western countries, while almost the entire West came out against the NWO with retaliatory measures.

Steele argues that the actions of the US and its allies raise doubts among the countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America. Their leaders are skeptical of Washington’s claim that arming Ukraine “just helps it defend itself” and believe the White House intended it to lead to regime change in Russia.