Today: Tuesday, 23 April 2024 year

Paris Attackers Points to ISIS: France Vowed Ruthless Revenge, Leading to Arrest of ISIS

In the aftermath of the deadliest attack in Paris that killed more than 120 people, Paris attributed the violent act to the ISIS, while the ISIS claimed responsibility for what it does.

It was an attack that was labeled as “the worst violence in France since World War II. France, President Francois Hollande said that “the shootings and bombings were an act of war, and added that France will lead the fight, and France will be ruthless”. The number of casualties includes 129 people killed and 352 injured. On the other hand, seven terrorists were killed.

The death toll consisted of one American, three Chileans, two from Belgium, two from Mexico, two from Spain, one from Portugal and one from the UK. All the other identified victims are French, except for those unidentified yet.

Immediately after the incident on Friday, one of the attackers was identified as Ismael Omar Mostefai who lived in Chartres in 2012.

As a result of the deadliest violence ever in France’s post WW II history, French authorities carried out a series of raids in contact with Belgian Intelligence Services. On Saturday, 130 kilometers or 81 miles east of Paris, the father and brother of one of the attackers were arrested and detained by the police after a raid in their home.

In Brussels, Belgium, Belgian authorities conducted several raids that leads to arrest of suspects of the mass killings in Paris. The raids and arrests came about after a rented car in Brussels was found abandoned in a Paris attack site according to Belgian Justice Ministry spokeswoman Sieghild Lacoere.

The raids were conducted in three houses in the Molenbeek-Saint_Jean suburb of Belgium as revealed by Western Intelligence. Of these three operations, one raid is linked to the Paris killings. Also, the Belgian authorities apprehended a man who rented a VW Polo used by the Paris attackers in the Bataclan concert at the Belgiuan border according to Paris prosecutor Francois Molins. He added that one of the terrorists who died was a 29-year-old French national from Courcouronnes City.

In all the atrocities in Paris France, the ISIS claimed responsibility as their act through an online statement released by followers on Saturday.