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Paris Attacks Suspected Arms Dealer Arrested In Germany

German police has arrested a suspected arms dealer Tuesday and prosecutors are investigating whether he had sold the four assault rifles to the terror spreading people who had attacked six locations in French capital Paris killing 129 on November 13.

The 24-year-old German national has been charged with selling illegally converted starter guns that is capable of shooting blanks into deadly firearms.

The arrest was made on Tuesday in police raid while searching his home in the southern city of Stuttgart.

According to a report published in Bild, two AK-47s made and in China and two Zasatva M70s made in the former Yugoslavia are the four main assault rifles which are being searched by police. It is said the arms were sold online by the arrested man and Arab descent buyer.

E-mails recovered by police from the suspect’s smartphone reveal he may had been in touch with an Arab in Paris.