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Parliament’s repair costs could be ‘billions more’ than planned

Parliament’s repair costs could be ‘billions more’ than planned

Reconstruction of the century — repairing of the Palace of Westminster building — will cost the British budget more money than planned. Parliament’s repair costs could be ‘billions more’ than planned, experts say.

The cost of repairs to the Parliament’s building in London could be “billions more” than expected. SNP MP Neil Gray said that Deloitte consultants suggested that the plan would cost £4 billion. The MP involved in scrutinising the recover’s budget insists that crumbling Palace of Westminster will require much higher amount than planned.

From the very beginning, a parliamentary committee recommended £4 billion plan, which must cover all the expenses during recovering works for the Parliament’s building. The MPs and peers while repairs are carried out, the historical building is in the catastrophic situation now, say the constructors.

The committee plans spent £4 billion for recovering the Palace of Westminster, but experts warned that the real cost of the work could be significantly higher and suggested. So, abandoning the Palace in favour of a purpose-built new facility could be a better option for everyone.