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Pepsi under fire for ad with Kendall Jenner exploiting Black Lives Matter

Pepsi under fire for ad with Kendall Jenner exploiting Black Lives Matter

Pepsi and its commercial have come under fire together with Kendall Jenner who starred in the video. The users called the advert ‘tone deaf’ because of the exploiting the Black Lives Matter movement for Pepsi’s own gain.

Pepsi bosses decided to use the actual Black Lives Matter movement in the advert, the lead role in it has performed Kendall Jenner, the one of the most popular Kardashian family. Commercialising is that thing, in which Pepsi has reached the unbelievable heights.

As a matter of fact, the video has two minus at least: it is too long and there is too much of model in it. On the other hand, it is the commercial the target auditorium of that are teenagers, so they definitely like Pepsi’s ad masterpiece. Despite Kendall’s popularity, the Afro-American teens dislike the exploiting the Black Lives Matter, indeed.

The two-and-a-half-minute commercial features Kendall stepping out of a crowd of multi racial protesters to end a stand-off with police officer by handing him a can of Pepsi. Scrool down for the full video.

The events in the video linked to the mass protest and roles of different young people in it. In the final, Kendall’s smile and can of Pepsi has charmed the handsome, enlightened cop.Pepsi Kendall Jenner

Pepsi commercial: the users’ reaction

The social nets exploded with the comments of the video, the awkward ad has sparked outrage online from hundreds accusing Pepsi of trying to monetise the Black Lives Matter protests. Twitter was full of deeply sarcastic posts regarding the idea of an ad and the role of Jenner.

According to the official statement of Pepsi, the ad was supposed to represent the ‘spirit of harmony.’ However, these words look very awkward because it’s not the first time a soda giant has been accused of crass commercialism.