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Philippines encourages walking, biking amid lockdown

Philippines encourages walking, biking amid lockdown

The Philippines authorities advise on using bicycles during the continuing lockdown. One of the unexpected but good features of the epidemic became more active lifestyles.

The Philippines joint administrative order released on August 20 by the country’s departments of health, transportation, interior, and public works. The document given the ongoing threat of the epidemic, it is imperative that active modes of transport for commuters, including walking and bicycling, be promoted for safe commuting.

The World Health Organization has also promoted cycling and walking to limit physical contact to prevent and slow down the outbreak of the novel pathogen.

Fortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has shown, the worst of times can sometimes bring out the best in people. After months of a strict shutdown. the Philippines encourage people to walk and cycle. That approach also helps to address the limitation of public transportation services.

The order urges national government agencies and local government units to build protected bicycle lanes and walking paths, and supportive infrastructure like bicycle racks and changing rooms.

When the plight of these health care workers became known, a group called Life Cycles PH quickly mobilised bike owners willing to lend their two-wheelers to those who needed them.

However, the Philippines remains under varying restriction levels since the initial lockdown imposed in mid-March limited the public transport system.

The Asian nation recorded 178,022 confirmed corona cases on August 20, including 114,114 recoveries and 2,883 deaths.