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Pietro Lombardi: future plans with Youtube channel

Pietro Lombardi: future plans with Youtube channel

Pietro Lombardi is not on. The singer is after the affair of his wife Sarah alone – now under investigation for assault to run against him.

The 24-Year-old not want to bury your head in the Sand but to look forward. Of women, the musician has only once will be enough, however, he wants to plunge into the work. On Instagram she posted: “Starting next week, I will a own YouTube Channel in which I each week, 1-2 Cover Songs to upload.”

His Fans should wish for Songs that the singer vorträllert then.

Just a few days ago (7. November), there was a police operation in the apartment in Brühl, in the currently Sarah with her one-year-old son Alessio lives. The reason for the use of domestic violence, which is why criminal charges against Pietro. Compared to ‘celebrity flash’ confirmed a spokesman of the police of the incident: “There was a police operation in an apartment in Brühl against 18 o’clock. Mr. Lombardi got a return of prohibition. Mrs. Lombardi left the apartment. It’s criminal, it was recorded assault.“ Also, for the semi-detached house in Cologne-RAM village, the 24-Year-old should not have a ban on visitors. This has dragged Sarah back, allegedly, after the incident.