Today: Monday, 27 May 2024 year

Pokémon Go released

Pokémon Go released

Pokémon Go becomes a reality, a new mobile game is a go, so hurry up. The wonderful bright game launched on both Android and iTunes. BUT. It’s available only for Australian and New Zealand trainers so far. Another part of the world is still waiting for the Pokémon Go’s release.

Prior to the release of the Pokémon Go, one of the announcement pages crashed for an hour, such an agiotage is always a good sign and the biggest indicator of popularity.

After the loading new game, you will be asked traditionally to create and name your avatar. New Professor Willow will instruct you and after you’ll immediately be surrounded by the first generation starters.

The Pokémon Go offer many characters and places, so you never be bored with this mobile app. Google Play and iTunes are supplied already with the Pokémon Go. So if you are kid or big kid, you’l  have a lot of fun with this fantasticand interesting mobile game.