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Pokémon GO: TOP-5 secrets from players

Pokémon GO: TOP-5 secrets from players

The fantastic game Pokémon GO wants your attention 24/7, so it’s quite logical to know some secrets of the experienced players. Catching a bunch of Pokemon will be easier and funnier if you know TOP-5 secrets, how to play and how to start literally.

Top-5 secrets how to catch pokemons are available already, first of all, you’ll need some time to read them thoroughly.

1. Pikachu as your ‘must start’ Pokemon

Please, run Pikachu and reject others, it’s working! Pikachu as a starter of Pokémon GO isn’t terribly important, but he’s fun and ubiquitous.

2. Your actual strategy: catch a higher level Pokémon

If you press&hold the Pokéball, a ring around the Pokémon will start shrinking. When it reaches its smallest circumference, that’s when you should throw, as they are the easiest to capture at that point. By the way, the color of the circle is important. Green meant to be it’s all good, yellow’ll be tougher, red will be the hardest.

3. Battling is a bit complicated

The battling is not only a mashing an opponent’s face, you can also add a swipe to dodge attacks. The only important moment is your tactic,you should do it automatically, with no regrets and pauses. The battling in Pokémon GO is a bit complicated then it seems to be. Actually, the system is chaotic sometimes while you are battling, sometimes moves can do some serious damage.

4. You Can’t Cheat Egg-Walking Easily

The hatching incubated eggs is one of the more go-features of Pokémon GO, so it’s quite an interesting activity indeed. The game tracks your movement using GPS (pedometer isn’t working, remember), so walking on a treadmill does nothing to hatch eggs. The speed limitation and slow moving on the bike may work too, but it’s not an option for gaming. Buy a few incubators to reduce the grind if you’re ready to spend some real money for non-existing things.

5. If your App is closed, nothing tracks at all

The Pokémon GO won’t alert you when Pokémon or PokéStops are near unless the app is open. If an application is closed, it tracks nothing, so all-the-time gaming will need trying to sell those $35 wristbands that buzz when Pokémon are around.