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Poland and Ukraine seek confiscation of Russian property abroad

Poland and Ukraine seek confiscation of Russian property abroad

According to the press secretary of the Polish government, Piotr Muller, Poland and Ukraine are seeking the confiscation of the property of the Russian Federation located abroad.

“Those funds that should be intended for the restoration of Ukraine are currently frozen in European banks, mainly in Western European banks. They must be confiscated so that a fund for the restoration of Ukraine is created,” Muller said at a press conference in Warsaw.

In addition, he noted, the Polish side is also working on economic cooperation with Polish firms to take part in the restoration of Ukraine.

“Our engineers, our scientists are ready to support this process. But the main thing at the moment is to find a source of funding … And we demand – Ukraine, by the way, too – that these sources of funding be Russian property. Not only Russian oligarchs, but simply Russian Federation, which is stored in European banks,” a representative of the Polish government explained.

Western countries, against the backdrop of a special operation in Ukraine, imposed tough sanctions against Russia, including freezing foreign exchange reserves. Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov previously estimated that about half, or about $300 billion, of Russia’s gold and foreign exchange reserves were frozen. In a number of countries, as part of the sanctions policy, decisions are also being made to freeze the assets and real estate of Russian businessmen.