Today: Wednesday, 29 May 2024 year

Poland extends remote schooling for all pupils

Poland extends remote schooling for all pupils

Poland government ordered to extend the remote schooling until November 29. Due to CCOVID-19 pandemic threat, pupils of all grades attend online classes from today, PolskeRadio24 reports.

Poland’s Education Ministry agreed on extending the remote schooling until the end of this month. According to the new ministry’s recommendation, all primary and secondary schools in Poland will teach kids online. At the same time, nurseries, kindergartens and other forms of preschools, for now, are working stationary.

Teachers will be able to receive a donation of about EUR 111 to purchase necessary equipment for remote classes, such as webcams or headphones. Between November 9 and 29, the parents will be allowed to receive a care allowance.

To avoid the deteriorating of the epidemiological situation, Polish officials decided to shift the older grades of primary and secondary schools on remote classes from October 26.

According to the Education Ministry, the childcare for young pupils from primary schools will be organised in the school’s common rooms, but only for children of those working in the healthcare and law enforcement agencies.

Across Poland, schools can set up consultations for pupils in the final grades (8th in primary schools, third in secondary schools and 4th in technical schools) prior to their final exams. Competitions and other contests for pupils can also be organised with maintaining a strict health protocol.