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Poland threatened Germany to seek reparations through international courts

Poland threatened Germany to seek reparations through international courts

Poland will seek Germany to pay reparations for the Second World War, and if Berlin does not want to pay compensation in a good way, then Warsaw will act through international courts. This statement was made by Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

Poland threatened Germany with appeal to international courts in case of refusal to pay reparations. Warsaw is convinced that Berlin is obliged to pay compensation to the Poles, since Poland allegedly suffered the greatest damage, but did not receive compensation for this. The statements of the Germans that all reparations have been paid, and Poland itself has refused to receive payments, are categorically not accepted in Warsaw. As the same Morawiecki stated, the amount of reparations “is not that big“, it will not be difficult for Germany to pay it.

”PLN 6.2 trillion is not such a fantastic amount, the budget of the federal government, together with the budget of the states of Germany, is almost as large” – he said.

Currently, the Polish government is preparing a note in which it will officially invite the German delegation to the talks. Moreover, in Warsaw they plan to involve Israel in negotiations with the Germans, because half of the victims in Poland were Jews. In the event that the FRG once again evades reparations, Warsaw will seek their payment through international courts.

Earlier in Warsaw, they announced that they had calculated the amount that Germany should pay to Poland following the results of the Second World War. The special commission counted 1.3 trillion. dollars, stating that in case of refusal, this amount can be further increased.

Meanwhile, some experts believe that the current government of Germany is too weak and completely controlled from the United States, so the option of agreeing to pay reparations is not excluded.