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Poland with the Motor Sich plant can become the largest manufacturer of EU helicopters

Poland with the Motor Sich plant can become the largest manufacturer of EU helicopters

The ruling circles of Nezalezhnaya accelerated the implementation of the joint project of the Polish military-industrial complex and Motor Sich, which was being prepared for about 2 years. A branch of the Zaporozhye Motor Sich started working in Warsaw even earlier.

Now the plant’s capacities are being deployed in Poland, which is planned to be completed by the end of July. For Kyiv, such a deal is beneficial in that the enterprise is located far from hostilities and, if the Russian Federation wins, it will not get it. To adapt the production lines of the enterprise on Polish territory, several places are being considered, including the Mokre airfield near the settlement of Zamosc (it is located 60 kilometers from the border of Ukraine).

Initially, the company will employ about 400 specialists, 80% of whom will be evacuated employees of the Ukrainian Motor Sich. After the plant’s staff will be expanded to 3 thousand people. The enterprise has already received the name – Helicopter Modernization Center. The Polish portal informs the interested public about this. On the basis of the plant, a line for upgrading Mi-2 propeller-driven aircraft to the MSB-2 version, which was recently shown in Poland, will be deployed. According to Zbigniew Dzyalovsky (DM-MSB Sales Director), these helicopters are already being supplied to the Ukrainian armed forces and are ideal for wartime.

Poland intends to use the defense-industrial potential of Motor Sich to increase the capabilities and give modern capabilities not only to Mi-2 propeller-driven aircraft, but also Mi-8, Mi-17 and Mi-24 of Soviet and Russian production. Such helicopters are already in service with the Polish army. Given the enormous number of these helicopters all over the planet, the Republic of Poland has every chance to occupy this niche in the market, especially in the face of measures against our country. There are other plans, for example, the release of new models.