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Poland’s president Duda signs controversial law despite protests

Poland’s president Duda signs controversial law despite protests

President Andrzej Duda has signed into law one controversial bill, which is going to regulate the judiciary in a special way. A new law significantly limits an independence of the judiciary in Poland.

Poland’s president has signed a controversial law despite the protests all over the country. On Tuesday, President Duda’s office announced the signing of the law, which allows the justice minister (the prosecutor general at the same time) to name the heads of all lower courts. According to the law’s critics, it is the shortest way to the corruption.

Critics also noticed that a new law is unconstitutional, but welcomed the president’s rejection of the other bills. Poland’s president said the law on the supreme court gave excessive powers to the prosecutor general.


Andrzej Duda about new law

President Duda very briefly explained the essence of the new law in his televised address:

“These laws must be amended.”

He said he was ready to the wave of criticism, many demonstrations across the country, in which hundreds of thousands of citizens with the hundreds of banners emblazoned with slogans such as “Free courts”, people in Poland demand freedom, equality, democracy.

Andrzej Duda who is a lawyer himself was warned by the opponents he is almost shifted towards authoritarian rule.