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Police crack down on LGBT parade in Istanbul

Police crack down on LGBT parade in Istanbul

An LGBT parade was held in Istanbul, the participants of which were violently dispersed by the police.

How many people participated in the action is not reported.

A video of the dispersal of the uncoordinated demonstration has been circulating on social media. The footage shows how police twist people on city streets.

According to eyewitnesses, dozens of parade participants were detained. Among them were journalists.

On the eve of the gay parade, the authorities of this Turkish city banned mass demonstrations for a week.

Earlier it became known that the organizers of the gay parade in Warsaw forbade the activists of the organization “For a Free Russia” to take part in the event.

Prior to this, World Health Organization (WHO) adviser Andy Seal said that those wishing to participate in the June gay parades should not abandon these plans due to the spread of monkeypox, which is mainly infected by homosexual contacts.