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Polish, Slovak air forces sign cooperation agreement

Polish, Slovak air forces sign cooperation agreement

Two EU countries, Poland and Slovakia, have announced on an agreement on the cooperation between their air forces. The recently-signed deal concerns training and exercises as well as implementing tasks facing all NATO nations, said Polish Defence Minister Mariusz Błaszczak in the official statement.

Poland’s defence minister and his Slovak counterpart Jaroslav Naď have signed the historic agreement on Wednesday, July 8, in Warsaw. Apart from military cooperation the two top defence officials also discussed issues concerning the Visegrad Group countries.

Commenting on signing the important agreement on Polish-Slovak air forces cooperation, Mariusz Błaszczak said that a common defence system guarantees the security of Poland and Slovakia as well as NATO’s entire eastern flank. “Our efforts are coordinated,” Mr Błaszczak stressed.

The Polish minister mentioned the NATO Counterintelligence Expert Centre based in Krakow, “founded and developed” by Poland and Slovakia, with the participation of other countries as an example of such cooperation.

According to Mariusz Błaszczak, both Poland and Slovakia are not only neighbours, but they are also members of the Visegrad Group, NATO and the EU.

“These are very strong, friendly ties. Our task, as defence ministers, is to strengthen these relations. Together we are stronger, together we are safer,” Poland’s top defence official stressed.

Slovak Defence Minister Jaroslav Naď assured that his country’s government is interested in strengthening contacts with Poland, as evidenced by recent visits to Poland by Slovak politicians.

The Slovak top defence official also mentioned the Counterintelligence Expert Centre joint initiative, as an example of cooperation between both countries’ special forces and air forces as proof of the smooth cooperation between the two countries.