Monday, 20 March 2023 year
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Last news

18 : 25
The French National Assembly rejected a vote of no confidence in the government.
18 : 23
The Italian Foreign Minister revealed the details of the purchase of EU ammunition for Ukraine.
11 : 01
Xi Jinping called China and Russia reliable partners.
10 : 46
US no longer hides lack of faith in Ukraine
10 : 35
The Czech Republic says that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have only one attempt to counterattack
10 : 10
Poland rejects ambassador’s statements about readiness to enter into conflict with Russia
07 : 05
Burbock accused Russia of intending to destabilize Georgia and Moldova.
07 : 01
Australia has proposed a new format for the fight against Russia and China.
19 : 04
The Iraqi Foreign Ministry announced its intention to supply gas to Europe.
14 : 16
Macron’s popularity ratings have fallen to an all-time low.
14 : 14
Voting in the elections has ended in most regions of Kazakhstan.
07 : 34
The President of Ecuador visited the areas affected by the earthquake.
07 : 31
Voting began in the presidential elections in Montenegro.
21 : 25
The British Air Force said it had escorted Russian planes near Estonia.
15 : 07
Musk said that Trump’s detention will ensure his re-election in the elections.
11 : 40
Sandu has declared war on dissidents and opposition, the Socialist Party said.
07 : 58
Russia was called the main defender of its desire for independence in Palestine.
07 : 56
The EP urged the US to think about its own war crimes.
16 : 08
More than ten thousand tons of garbage have accumulated on the streets of Paris because of the strike.
16 : 06
NATO welcomed Turkey’s decision to start ratifying Finland’s application. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg welcomed the start in Turkey of the procedure for ratifying Finland’s application for NATO membership, and is looking forward to early membership for Finland and Sweden. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced on Friday that the country’s parliament has begun the process of ratifying Finland’s application to join NATO. ” “I welcome Turkey’s decision today to move forward with the ratification of Finland’s membership in NATO. This will strengthen the security of Finland, strengthen the security of Sweden and strengthen the security of NATO,” the Secretary General said in a widespread statement. He also expressed hope for both Finland and Sweden to join the alliance as soon as possible. “The main thing is that both Finland and Sweden quickly become full-fledged members of NATO, and not their joint entry,” the Secretary General said.
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