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Poll reveals who Britons want to see prime minister

Poll reveals who Britons want to see prime minister

British people would rather see opposition Labor Party leader Cyrus Starmer as prime minister than one of the three Conservatives currently vying for office, according to a poll by market research and analysis agency Opinium.

In the fifth round, which will determine the two finalists among the Conservatives on Wednesday, former Treasury Secretary Rishi Sunak, Deputy Minister for International Trade Penny Mordaunt and Foreign Minister Liz Truss passed.

According to the poll, the favorite of the electoral race, Rishi Sunak, who received the most votes in previous rounds, was approved by 35% of respondents. However, he loses to Labor Starmer, who was supported by 46% of those polled.

Penny Mordont would like to see 33% of Brits polled at the head of the government, but 45% would prefer the leader of the opposition instead. Liz Truss received the least support (32%), while 46% of respondents again preferred Cyrus Starmer to her.

The survey was conducted on July 18 and 19, and 2,000 Britons took part in it. Statistical error is not specified.