Today: Monday, 20 May 2024 year

Poll: Sanders lead Clinton on favorability

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has seen a rise in his Iowa and New Hampshire poll numbers and with the Iowa caucuses less than two weeks away, his national support is growing in numbers.  The latest Economist/YouGov Poll shows that Sanders is trailing his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton by just nine points among likely Democratic primary voters. That is the closest margin so far earned by the Vermont Senator.

Sanders is much liked than Clinton

Sanders has always been well-liked, compared with Clinton and this poll is not an exception. More than half the overall public has an unfavorable view of Clinton, and that has been true in the poll for a while. Among Democratic primary voters, 70% have a favorable opinion of Clinton, while 78% have a favorable view of Sanders.

Clinton still leads as the most electable

Former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton is still perceived by voters as the most electable Democratic or Republican candidate, according to the Yougov poll. Except for many who expect a Sanders victory in Vermont’s neighboring New Hampshire, Clinton is still seen as the likely winner in Iowa and is expected to win the Democratic nomination, by nearly three to one over Sanders.

Clinton warns Democrats to take Bernie seriously

The Clinton campaign believes that an element of her opponent’s appeal is that he’s the perfect send-a-message vehicle. Hence, starting with last Sunday night’s debate on NBC, she’s seeking to paint the Vermont socialist as a risky standard-bearer for Democrats in their effort to retain the White House.

Both Clinton and Senator Sanders are the two leading candidates for the Democratic party ahead of the presidential election. The two candidates are viewed favorably in Iowa and New Hampshire by most Democratic voters as they both attempt to come out victorious in the first two presidential nominating contests in early February. Clinton’s aim is to make people think twice about voting for her opponent, Sanders, for example by suggesting that a Sanders candidacy would help Republicans win the general election.