Today: Sunday, 3 March 2024 year

Polling stations have opened in Serbia for repeat elections.

Polling stations have opened in Serbia for repeat elections.

Polling stations have opened in Serbia for repeat parliamentary elections and municipal elections in Belgrade, the electoral commission announced.

The Republican Electoral Commission (REC), in connection with complaints received about the course of the elections on December 17, scheduled a repeat vote in the parliamentary elections in Serbia on Saturday at 35 polling stations (there are about 8.3 thousand in the country), the city electoral commission is conducting a repeat vote in municipal elections in Belgrade at three more polling places.

The expression of will takes place on Saturday from 7.00 to 20.00. Over 19.5 thousand people have the right to vote.

After the closure of polling stations, precinct commissions must submit protocols to the DEC within 96 hours. After this, within another 72 hours, the republican commission accepts complaints and approves the preliminary results of the expression of will.

On Saturday night, the REC rejected dozens of complaints from the right-wing coalition “Milica Djurdjevic-Stamenkovski – Bosko Obradovic – National Assembly – State-forming force” about the parliamentary elections held on December 17.

Members of the commission approved the cancellation of the results of the expression of will in only four polling stations due to photography, lack of necessary equipment and a complaint from a resident of the village of Backi Petrovac about formal obstacles to his voting.

The Republican Election Commission indicated that, according to the preliminary report of the OSCE/ODIHR mission, the December 17 elections in Serbia went mostly smoothly, without major problems, observers assessed the voting positively at 93% of polling stations.

At a meeting on Friday, the REC reminded the pro-Western opposition bloc Serbia Against Violence that demands for the annulment of the results of the elections to the Assembly – the representative body of the city of Belgrade – should be sent to the City Election Commission (CEC).

The opposition pro-Western coalition Serbia Against Violence previously stated that its observers would not monitor voting in the repeat elections. At the same time, the pro-Western movement remains on the ballot, and supporters will be able to vote for it.