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Study: Poor dental health links to heart disease

Study: Poor dental health links to heart disease

Study of the Finnish researchers showed the jeopardy of poor dental health. Most tooth infections the dentists have found among heart patients. According to the publication in the Journal of Dental Research, dental infection links to heart disease.

The Finnish researchers from the University of Helsinki have revealed the link between heart, or coronary, disease and poor dental health. In a recent study published in the Journal of Dental Research, scientists pointed the importance of regular dentist examinations. It can prevent the most common infections in the mouth as well as keep the teeth roots healthy.

A research team studied very well the analysis of blood of the patients with the heart diseases. They encountered higher levels of antibodies in the blood of patients with heart disease. This can indicate the presence of bacteria in the bloodstream, and these bacterias’ resource is poor dental hygiene.

As noted leading author of publication John Liljestrand:

“Acute coronary syndrome is 2.7 times more common among patients with untreated teeth in need of root canal treatment than among patients without this issue.”